Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life in Rishikesh pretty awesome.

Sometimes I hang out on a rock by the Ganges and can easily while away an afternoon. Sometimes I go to a yoga class and find myself missing my Ashtanga practice dearly. I hope I recover soon and I can return to it...

I took my first Indian "bucket" shower yesterday, since the shower didn't have any hot water. This was following my first Ayurvedic massage and shirodhara session, so I was drenched in oil (especially my hair). The "bucket" shower didn't suffice to clean out all the oil unfortunately. But it's a surprisingly water-saving way of showering!

Am meeting Nepali and Tibetan people this trip, making me more and more curious to visit those two areas on the world. So much to see and do! My mom has always wanted to visit Nepal and Tibet, so perhaps we can do that one day!


  1. Your trip sounds intense and amazing simultaneously because you're learning so much about the country, the people, and the way of life. I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in India :)

  2. I recently travelled to Hampi.. I saw a few foreigners being betrayed in terms of money. Please be careful when you come to South India. Keep one thing in mind.. Every kilometer in an auto-rick should be billed at a maximum of 10 rupees per kilo meter. Also much of the goods are in terms of hundreds of rupees, and not thousands. Please spread this information among all travellers , so that you people should not get betrayed and lated have a bad opinion about india. Welcome to india. Your blog is very nice. Enjoy your trip. If you want any information regarding South-India, you can drop a mail at I will reply back with the information what-ever i know.

  3. Haha! I definitely take bucket showers all the time when I visit Taiwan because my grandparents don't have adequate water pressure for a real shower. It doesn't feel like you get clean enough, but it IS a great save of water!