Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the Cusp of Winter

Time has really flown by since my previous post. I think the thought of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday was what carried me through, but now that the long weekend has passed, the reality of final exams has finally dawned. I guess there's the resting period of winter break to look forward to! Thanksgiving break was a bit of a tease - I got to go home from late Wednesday night until Saturday morning only. I spent two days in California, and it was so, so sweet. I felt so spoiled and taken care of - what a luxury! I'm only half-joking when I say I'm not coming back!

I'm now typing this as a newly-minted 24-year-old. My birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year, and was drama-free, thankfully! I'm glad life gets better and better as the years pass. That's a good sign, no?

My family, friends, and acquaintances were a bit shocked at the amount of weight I'd lost over the course of the time I'd been in New York. It's more than I lost from my episode of India-induced food poisoning.

Speaking of India, I think of my time there fondly and often and really am longing to be back. I'm reading other Ashtangis' blogs about their experiences in Mysore and wish I could go too. In the mean time, I'm happy I'm in a city with such a huge and passionate and legendary Ashtanga community. It's keeping me sane!

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  1. Haha, it was good to see you during break :)